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5th EGI Council Meeting in Amsterdam - 3rd February 2010

February 2, 2010
The 5th EGI Council meeting will take place in Science Park, Amsterdam on 3rd February 2010. For more information on the agenda please visit the meeting page at

Last EGI workshop in Stockholm!

November 18, 2009 The last EGI workshop will be held in Stockholm, on 3-4 December 2009. This is the last workshop organised by EGI_DS, and will be an excellent opportunity to get the latest news on the EGI project. A Christmas dinner will be held on the 3rd to celebrate the end of the EGI_DS project. Please join us in Stockholm!

More information on the agenda, and registrations at:

EGI Industry Day in Vilnius

November 17, 2009 EGI_DS is organizing an Industry Day, together with the Lithuanian NGI (LitGrid) and the BalticGrid-II project in Vilnius on 17 December 2009. The event will focus on the role and use of the e-Infrastructures (grids and clouds) in business.

More informaton on the event and registrations at:

EGI Newsletter released

November 11, 2009 In the last issue of the EGI eNewsletter you will find information on the latest progress of the EGI project, a list of EGI-related coming events, and a presentation of the Polish and French NGIs.

eNewsletter 3 (November 2009)

Bof session at SC'09 on "European HPC and Grid Infrastructures"

November 3, 2009 A “Bird of a Feather” (Bof) session on European HPC and Grid Infrastructures will be organised at SC09 by EGI, DEISA, PRACE and EEF, on Tuesday 17 November.

Schedule: Tuesday, 17 November, 05:30-07:00 pm, Room D135-136

Abstract: EGI, the European Grid Initiative, represents an effort to establish a sustainable European grid infrastructure. Its foundations are the National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and the EGI Organization ( The first phase of EGI implementation is prepared to start in May 2010. DEISA is a consortium of the most powerful supercomputer centres in Europe, operating supercomputers in a distributed but integrated HPC infrastructure. It regularly hosts the most challenging...

EGI Council Elected its Chair

September 28, 2009 The EGI Council elected its chair on 24 September 2009, during the EGEE’09 conference in Barcelona, Spain. Per Öster, representative of the Finnish National Grid Initiative (NGI), was chosen by the European Grid Initiative (EGI) Council members to lead the project’s governing body. Read the full press release on this event

1st EGI Council in Amsterdam

July 17, 2009 Amsterdam was the host city for the first EGI Council on 9 July 2009. The Council took place after reception of the signatures of the EGI Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by 24 NGIs.


During the first quarter of 2009, very important steps have been taken towards the establishment of the EGI. On 20 January 2009, the EGI Policy Board endorsed the EGI Blueprint, the document defining the common roadmap for the construction of the new European grid organisation taking over the responsibility for the grid infrastructure from current projects. On 2 March 2009, the city of Amsterdam was chosen to host the EGI organization (, formerly called, the coordinating body for the EGI.  * The signing...

EGI eNewsletter 2 2009

July 15, 2009 In the last issue of the EGI Newsletter, you will find information on the first EGI Council held in Amsterdam on 9 July 2009, and a presentation of NorGrid and BEgrid. This last issue can be downoaded here.

MoU document sent to NGIs and other relevant Parties for signature

June 13, 2009 On the 13th of June, the final version of the MoU document was sent to NGIs and EIROForum members for signature. You can find all the relevant documents here.

Letter to NGIs regarding the MoU signing process

June 25, 2009
Dear Policy Board members,

I would like to thank all of you for the continuing interest and support
of the EGI and in particular setting the EGI Collaboration through the

As there were several questions related to possible modification of the
MoU, I take this opportunity to clarify them:
The EGI_DS is not considering any...

Letter to NGIs from EGI_DS Project Director

May 19, 2009 You can read letter to NGIs from EGI_DS Project Director here.

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